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    For fun, I like to bash people with swords (OK, so they’re made of foam. It’s still fun). Although I spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair, I manage to keep pretty active (Like bashing people with swords). I am a libertarian, and have a hard time finding anything good to say about government or politicians. OK, politicians might make good sausage, but that's about as good as it gets.


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King George and A.H.

On 9/11, the USA was the victim of a terror attack that has had repercussions throughout the world. In the aftermath of this, a series of events has taken place that have some interesting parallels….. Read on…..

now King George: “Guys, we’ve gotta find a scapegoat for that attack. We know it came from Afghanistan, but there’s no way we can go there and actually do anything. We’ve barely managed to hold things together there as it is. Who else can we blame? I know. How ‘bout Saddam? I’ve been wanting to prove to daddy that I can take care of things, so how ;bout we go in there and finish what he started? Besides, my Halliburton buddies are looking for some easy cash. Lets blame Saddam! Quick get the spooks to make up some reports so we can blame Saddam for 9/11. It’s the AXIS OF EVIL! Lets get them!”

then A.H.: “We have to blame someone for our economic situation. The People need a cause to rally behind. Lets get the propaganda machine going!”

now King George: “OK, so we’ve got the world believing our bogus intel. They actually think Saddam has WMD! Lets get this invasion going! What? The Frenchies? No one cares what they think anyway. We can ram this through the UN, so lets stop playing and tell them that we’re going in either alone or with them.”

then A.H.: “OK, the people are buying our propaganda! lets get this pony going. We’ll start by smashing all of THIER stores and businesses and take it from there. Lets let the people know that if they’re not with us, they’re against us!”

now King George: “OK, the invasion is a go! We’ll tell folks that once we’ve eliminated the WMD and found the terrorist leaders, we’ll leave! Besides, all we’re trying to do is protect our National interests.”

then A.H. “Our neighbors are starting to realize that we’re not playing. Tell them that if they give us this area of the map, we’ll be satisfied and sign treaties promising to be good. We have to keep our own people in line, so lets keep blaming THEM. Lets round up some of their leaders and accuse them of treason. That should fan the flames a bit. It doesn’t matter that they are our citizens. We need some publicity to keep the rest of the public in line.”

now King George: “Things aren’t going so good. The public is starting to question the war .We managed to invade and take over the country, but the damn locals won’t stop attacking us, and we can’t find those WMDs that we made up. Its almost as if they don’t want us to force our Great American Culture on them! We need some high profile success to keep the public in line. Lets find a few people that we can make examples of. Do whatever you have to find someone. We can use the Patriot act as a shield and wiretap anyone we want to. Lets start looking and see what we can find. We’ll set up some secret prisons, and if they won’t confess, we’ll just torture them until they do. Geneva Convention? What’s that? Our national convention was in New York. Oh you mean that thing from the world war? Who cares about that. Find me some folks that we can use to make headlines. If you can’t capture a real terrorist, make one up. Pick some random Muslim. If you can’t find someone over there, find someone here. Yeah! That’ll really keep the locals in line. Convince them that the threat is right here! Man, Joe McCarthy would love this stuff! I wish he was here to see this.”

then A.H. “OK, so we’ve got a bunch of THEM in our secret prisons, but we’re running out of room. We need to expand. Time to get the military into gear and start taking over more countries. As we expand into the other countries, we can round THEM up and make sure everyone knows that THEY are the cause of all the problems. We can build more prisons to hold THEM too. We need to keep telling the public that we’re protecting everyone from THEM. THEY are dangerous. THEY spread disease. THEY are a threat to our Great Way of Life.”

now King George: “OK, so we have to admit that there are no WMD. Instead, lets pretend that we’re going to help them elect a democratic government. We’ll make sure that they elect someone that we like. They’ll be happy ‘cause they get to have an election, and we’ll get a new puppet! What could be better? It’s a drag that the world found out about our secret torture prisons. How did the CIA ever let that get leaked out? And those pictures from the POW camps? Man we’re getting hammered on the whole propaganda thing. People are somehow getting some facts, and we can’t lie fast enough to cover our butts. We can’t admit that there really wasn’t any reason for the invasion. Look at all the good that has come: We’ve rolled back privacy and civil rights law by at least 40 years! We’ve proven that international and domestic laws are totally irrelevant! That Geneva Convention thing can be ignored! We’ve proved that a bunch of Washington lawyers can contort the law so that the King can do anything!”

then A.H.: “I think the people are starting to get suspicious. The war is costing us a lot, and everyone is having to ration stuff. It’s a good thing out Secret Police have the people scared enough that they won’t actually do anything. We have to find some way to make sure the people are kept in line.”

“So we can’t build enough prisons to hold THEM. We need some other solution. The people aren’t buying that THEY are the cause of all the problems anymore, so we don’t really need THEM. Hey, A.E! you’re a smart boy. Get working on this and see if you can come up with some sort of final solution! If things keep going this way, we’re going to end up controlling all of Europe! Maybe more!”

now King George: “Wow, that last round of elections really sucked. It seems that the people really don’t like the war. I’m glad now that our secret prison and wiretap programs got leaked. Now the people are to scared to actually try and organize. It was brilliant to pick up that kid in LA and splatter him all over the press. What a great subtle message that our secret police can take anyone they want.”

‘Did you see that last bill that was proposed? It would actually have a timeline to get out of Iraq! Can you imagine? And what’s even stranger is that almost 80% of the American people support it! It’s a good thing we already proved that I don’t have to actually do anything in the best interest of the country. If I had to do what was best for the USA, or what the majority of people wanted, we’d be out of Iraq by now! Where would that leave Halliburton? They still have a lot of money to make there!.”

“We let those rag-heads in Iraq elect the guy we wanted, and they still won’t stop killing our troops. It’s almost as if they wanted to have their own culture instead of the Great USA culture! What a bunch of ingrates! We’re offering to help them become a fat, lazy unproductive society, and they want to have their own religion and culture! It’s like they think they are a sovereign nation or something. You’d think we were giving them a bad deal. All we’re doing is taking their oil! You’d think that they’d appreciate the fact that we’re trying to force a government and our culture on them.”

then A.H.: “we’ve used the war as an excuse to eliminate all forms of civil rights. The public is terrified of our Secret Police. They’re turning their neighbors in if they hide one of THEM. The people are completely irrelevant to national policy, and they’re either to stupid or to scared to say anything in public. I wonder how long we can keep winning the war?”

now: King George Bush: “the people are really irrelevant to my policies. My cronies are dropping like flies around me, and I’ll just keep on throwing out scapegoats every time one of my lies or subterfuges is exposed. I only need to last for another year or so. Who cares what happens after that? I’ve made enough money to never have to work again. My friends are all either filthy rich now (or in jail). Life is good. Let the next king figure out how to fix the mess I’ve made.”

then: Adolf Hitler: “shit. Got a match?”


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