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    I’m an opinionated Grumpy Old Man. I enjoy the intellectual give and take that goes along with that, but have very little patience for stupid people (Note: there is a big difference between “stupid” and “educated”. Some of the stupidest people I’ve ever met have a PhD…). Beside arguing, I like to build things in almost any media. Right now I’m mostly building in wood, Lego, and a bunch of different electronic media. I teach in a number of different venues - from preschool all the way through graduate school. Subjects range from talmud to neuroscience to engineering.

    For fun, I like to bash people with swords (OK, so they’re made of foam. It’s still fun). Although I spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair, I manage to keep pretty active (Like bashing people with swords). I am a libertarian, and have a hard time finding anything good to say about government or politicians. OK, politicians might make good sausage, but that's about as good as it gets.


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Memorial Day thoughts

As we wander in to another Memorial Day, I pause to contemplate what the day means.

            We are in the middle of an unwinnable war in Iraq. We don’t even seem to know what it is we are trying to accomplish there. Our soldiers, sailors and airmen are dying there, as are countless Iraqi civilians. But there is something beyond the politics of this (or any other) war that has gotten lost in the media circus.

            The members of the military and the civilians that are being killed and maimed are individuals. Beyond the politics of using the “support our troops” as a political pawn, these are real people. Not just the military – they at least volunteered to be in the military – but the Iraqi civilians as well. They had no choice about where they live. Many of them (those that can) have fled, and are living as refugees. Those that cannot flee are doing the best that they can, and are being killed and wounded in horrific numbers.

            Memorial day is supposed to be a day to remember our fallen comrades in the Military. As a combat veteran, I ask you all to remember not only our Military, but please, also think about the innocent civilian victims of our military actions. This is a large group that is commonly forgotten. They deserve our sympathy and support as much as our troops do.

            As you have a picnic, plant your garden, go shopping, or whatever it you will do with your long weekend, please take at least a moment to think of all of those that have given life and limb during our many military actions.


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