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Police’s job – what do you think?

Recently, in my daily perusal of the news, I have noticed a rather dramatic increase in the number of cops being killed by people that have been “targeted” by the cop in question. In general, these people feel that they have no other way to escape police persecution. Earlier this week, I stumbled across an announcement for a discussion about this issue among senior law enforcement officials. I paid my nickel, and listened to the discussion. The participants were police union representatives, senior law enforcement officials, and Chiefs of Police. There were some very interesting points made, but there was one trend through out the discussion that I found disturbing.

Without exception, the people in the discussion felt that the Police’s job was “to protect the public”. Not to uphold or enforce the law. As a matter of fact, there was a strong consensus among the speakers that the police were perfectly justified in ignoring the law if they felt that doing so would “protect the public”. In almost all cases, this came up when the panel was discussing a situation where an individual cop or a group of cops decided that a particular individual or group of individuals represented a “threat to the public”. The police actions following this decision included assault, filing false charges, framing individuals, and fabrication of evidence. The panel agreed that these actions were warranted because they would result in either the individual leaving town or eventually being sent to prison. In every case, the senior police officials argued that the actions of the police were completely justified in order to “protect the public”. The disturbing part: in almost every case, the “threat to public safety” had never committed a crime. The panel admitted that the people had been targeted and set up by the cops simply because a member of the police force felt that the person was a “threat”.

Remember, these were senior law enforcement officials (including some states attorny generals). This wasn’t a bunch of left wing radicals looking to trash the cops….

Please comment. Does this give anyone else the willies?


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