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Iraq spins and twists

The Iraq debacle has been played out in the media in ways that have exposed many problems with accuracy in reporting, media spin, and outright yellow journalism. Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed an interesting new “spin” on events in Iraq.

            Despite the fact that the media has finally admitted that they were taken in by the Bush administrations lies about the reasons for the war in Iraq (we still don’t have a good reason for being there – the excuse now is that we can’t leave….), they continue to accept the “official” spin without thought. The most recent spin has been a shift from reporting that the sectarian killings are the reason we have to stay (if we leave, the killings will get worse) The new spin is that the sectarian killings are really the locals (that would be the Iraqis) organizing and rising up in small local militias to “force al quida out of Iraq”.

            What is truly interesting about this is that we have changed our position from one where we are “attempting to force peace and democracy” to “It’s OK that there is no peace, because they’re killing the people we don’t like”. There doesn’t seem to be any real change on the ground, but the presentation of the reasons for the violence has changed. Kind of like Bush declaring victory and an end to the war…. What was it – three years ago?

            I’m going to be a bit optimistic about this, and hope that is what really happening is that the Bush administration has finally admitted that there is no hope for true peace in Iraq (at least not as long as we’re there), and that they have started to create the “we won” spin. Once the administration has convinced themselves (and a portion of the gullible public) that “we won” they can pull out and declare victory…. Maybe that’s an optimistic stretch, but I have to hope……


2 Responses

  1. It’s all so much political bullshit back-pedalling. I am seriously pissed off at the media for not being insistent about learning the truth, and I resent the fact that so much has been taken on faith but reported as fact. What I really want to see is an energized journalism pool who are willing to go back to the era of real investigative reporting. I want journalists and reporters who are more like the bulldogs of old and less like the lapdogs we have now.

  2. True, but with the way the Bush administration has shredded any form of protection for the press, the reporters really don’t have a lot of choice.
    thinka bout it: do you think the pentagon papers would have ever been published if the paper and journalsist *knew* that publishing the articles would result in jail time for the reporter, massive legal fees and loss of access to the white house press releases, and years of harrasment from the feds? While I like to *think* the press would continue to pursue aggressive investigative reporting, I have to say that I’m not sure *I* would if I were in their shoes.
    Oh yeah, and investigative reporting doesn’t usualy deliver articles with flashy action pictures. You might have to actually read an article and know something about the background to uderstand it. Not good for ratings….

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