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Mr. Libby: Don’t drop the soap

Scooter Libby got busted. That in itself is newsworthy – a Bushie actually being held accountable for his crimes. What is truly fascinating is the fallout of Libby’s conviction. Of course, there will be an appeal, but everyone agrees that this is simply a formality, and has little to no hope for success. Libby got caught lying to the FBI, a grand jury, and who knows else. Not “maybe lying”, not “spin” outright Gross Misstatements, Fibs, Lies, Fiction, Prevarication, and BS.

            What is amazing is the political aftermath. Apparently, because Libby was a loyal Bushie and toed the line when Bush lied, the bush right is putting mounting pressure on georgie-boy to pardon Libby. This put GW in a tough position. The entire country (more or less) has no interest in seeing a pardon for Just One More Corrupt Politician who thinks he is above the law. So who does want to see a pardon? What’s left of Bush’s support group, and that’s about it. This puts georgie between the proverbial rock and hard place. Pretty much the entire world is simply waiting for him to Go Away. Americans in general are hoping that he won’t do anything to further tarnish the US in world opinion. The handful of folks that are still actually supporting georgie are either fools, or have so much invested in his political agendas that they will lose everything if the pres tanks (any further).

So what does georgie do? If he doesn’t pardon Libby, what’s left of his supporters are gonna be Royally Pissed at him. That means even further erosion of his status, power, and continued tankage of his ratings. If he does pardon Libby, he will be demonstrating his administrations continued willingness to ignore the law when it interferes with their agenda. Either way, dear old georgie is going to lose.

But wait! There’s more! The Republican party itself is frantically attempting damage control on this one. While the senior republicans are pushing Bush to pardon, party leaders are referring to a pardon as “just another nail in the republican coffin” (US news political bulletin). With the republican scrambling for any thread of a chance to regain control of congress, a pardon could carry some major political baggage.

So, georgie. Its time for a character test. Are you going to let another member of your administration go hang for covering your pathetic butt, or are you going to flaunt any vestige of ethics you have left and pardon your buddy? We’re all waiting.

Sometimes its just plain fun to watch politicos come unwound. As for Libby, if he doesn’t have the balls to face the penalty, he should have rolled over when he still could. Hilary would have (But then, she’s got more balls than pretty much any guy on the Hill. Plus, she still has Bill’s in a baggie in the freezer….)

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