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Copwatch.com: a service for reporting and tracking police abuse of power

Ho folks,

many of you have asked if there is a place on the web where you can report on police abuse of power. This is the best site that I’ve found:


They not only allow the public to post reports (moderated) of police abuse, they allow the police to respond. There are a number of forums that allow people to discuss their experiences and strategies for dealing with them.

They also maintain a database of reported police abuses, so go take alook at how your police department rates. You might be surprised….


9 Responses

  1. I was a victim of police misconduct in May of 2006. I was on a long trip through California and had stopped at a rest area on Interstate 5. My fiance at the time and I placed our daughter in the shade and we all went to sleep. Next thing I know I am being woken up by paramedics. I was transported to the hospital where no action was taken. However, I had 438 dollars in my glove box that was missing. I confronted the Highway Patrol Officer about it and his response was “If you say any more about this I will charge you with Child Endangerment”. Foolishly, I filed a complaint with the Highway patrol luetenant who stood by his Officer 100%. It has now come to my attention that I have a warrant out now for Child Endangerment. I have no idea what to do in this situation. I am a former Corrections Officer and Police Officer and I know how these things work. I am laying low right now trying to figure out the correct course of action. I spoke with the fire chief who was at the scene who cleraly said that the Highway Patrol Officer was the only one who went in to my vehicle. And he did so without consent. I feel that this should not be tolerated. While in the law enforcement business I saw corruption at many levels, but I never once saw an Officer steal from somebody like this. Thats the story in a nutshell, I would love to here some of your input if you would be willing. Thank you. Robert.

    • Try and not let this matter ruin your health. I have a hard time sleeping watching our rights disapear and everyone affraid to speek up for them.Are the Bill of Right a big joke or for real? i’m not sure anymore.

  2. as a former cop, you shouldn’t be surprised. Welcome to the victim side of thugs in uniform.

  3. I viewed a taser video on the web last evening. I am the victim of testilying (twice) by sheriffs. I was charged with a class B misdemeanor, meanwhile, both have committed felonies by lying in court. I want to join your cause. I have purchased video and audio equipment and a scanner. I want to pursue these rogue law enforment officials who are judge, jury and sometimes executioner and bring them to justice. How can I help?

    Mark W.

  4. not much you really can do. Try filing complaints with your local ACLU, and post as much as you can. Editorials to your local newspapers about ANY misbehavior by the local cops maight actually get some public sentiment going to try and start some sort of oversight group, but that is very unlikely.

    Basically, dealing with the cops is like dealing with the mob. thye have al the power, they can fix the courts, and there isn’t really anything you can do (unless you feel like commiting suicide by taking a cop or two out).

    • I just experianced Abusive of Power by a depty Sherrif , J. Cooper in a Sherriff’s boat in the Dana Pt habor on Oct 3, 2009. He practically told me to shut up and would even get angry when I answered his question to the best of my ability, calmly and respectfully, freedome of speech, I don’t think so. He said he would have only given me a warning instead of a ticket but I upset him. He realy was just looking for a yes sir, no sir answer and not why I had to get out of the way of a possable collision of being hit broadside. He could have causeed one when he yelled loudly at the skipper of the Catalina Express while he was underway in the harbor near his destination. In my opinion he could have cause the accident he was trying to prevent. He also exibited poor judgment in the performanc of his duty. Please speak up if you have run across this guys, or any officer who does the same or we will all loose our rights and be affraid to leave our homes. In my opinion, he should not have that job. He not only gives his department a bad name but his country if they allow this abuse to continue. Now I feel I may become their target and I’ve been boaitng and diving out of Dana pt since 1976, Im 65 years old and really don’t need this agravation and love my sport.
      Than You.

  5. I have tried to E-mail copwatch and neither of the 2 E-mail addresses work and the mailling list is full. How do I contact them?

  6. police pulled my brother Elijah Vickers who is currently at BAY CF in Panama City, Florida… over around 10 in the morning. Rode off his my truck and took him in the woods till 6 PM and booked him around6:07 PM. While in the woods they had guns on him and threatened him and said they would get our mother Elaine Smart McCants, who is in a woman’s prison in Tallahassee, FL, who was on probation violated and if I reported it would kill him. They tried to make him set up dealers in Leon County and when he constantly refused they filled out a report saying he had drugs. he was forced to wear a gps tracking device, and take urine tests. They used GPS to farther their police abuse and conspiracy. After tracking him and he doing all that was correct, he was entraped in a drug deal with another person who was the target of the police investigation. They charged them both with conspiracy, my brother took an 8 year plea after the state attorney promised him he would get 30 years if he went to trial. After my brother went to prison they dropped the other conspirator charge to poss.of cocaine and gave him probation. my brother is in prison now serving 8 year sentence at Bay Correctional Facility…his name is Elijah Vickers…he can be looked up on the florida department of corrections web page

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