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More police abuse… Beating retarded kids and framing people in Seattle

Cops handcuff and beat retarded kid because he picked up a small “lucky rock” on the playground. Apparently this kid was so dangerous that he needed a fulltime aid to get through the day and had a permanent feeding tube (HAD, because when the cops attacked him, they ripped it out). The cop in question (or maybe it was a “school security guard”) felt that it was necessary to throw this kid to the ground, sit on him, and handcuff him – in front of the other kids on the playground. The cops excuse? “aggressive behavior”. So watch out – if your kid picks up a pebble, and happens to be yelling at the same time, the Cops will be there to take him/her down. And they wonder why we don’t trust them…..

Seattle cops caught filing false charges and making false statements in court -AGAIN! In the second case, the Seattle police are (yet again) in the spotlight. Turns out that a cop felt it was necessary to write up some guy because he dropped a piece of paper on the ground. Didn’t matter that the guy picked it up. But he wasn’t the victim of the cops this time – it was his friend. His friend was stupid enough to believe that he actually has first amendment rights, and made a comment about the cop violating civil rights. This was enough justification for the cop to call for backup, and beat the guy bloody – he required hospitalization before he was arrested. The cops (both the first cop, and the back-up) filed statements and testified that the victim was “obstructing and assaulting a police officer” and resisting arrest.

What gets truly interesting is that during this poor guys trial, his lawyer managed to get hold of the video that was shot by a camera in the police cruiser. For some reason, the prosecutor and the cops didn’t want to use this evidence in the trial. Imagine the judges surprise when the videotape showed that the cops were lying, and that the victims story was true? The judge had the decency to throw out the charges, but as far as I can tell, the cops haven’t been charged for their crimes. The victim is suing, so there may be some repercussions, but chances are good the thugs cops will get way with it. After all, they’re cops.

What isn’t surprising is that this isn’t the first time the Seattle cops have been caught lying in court and filing false charges – almost exactly the same thing has happened before -with the cops own cameras proving that they are lying. In another case, the cops charged someone with dealing drugs. The accused in that case claimed that the cops had planted the drugs on him and that he was being framed. Guess what? Once again, the camera in the cop car proved that the victim was telling the truth – the cops had framed him. Wonder if those cops were ever charged with illegal possesion? I bet not.

Yep, serve and protect, that’s what cops do. For more stories of police abuse and harassment, take a peak at http://www.copwatch.com/ or for more reports by date with more detail, try http://www.unknownnews.net/cops.html


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  1. […] More police abuse…Beating retarded kids and framing people in Seattle […]

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