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    For fun, I like to bash people with swords (OK, so they’re made of foam. It’s still fun). Although I spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair, I manage to keep pretty active (Like bashing people with swords). I am a libertarian, and have a hard time finding anything good to say about government or politicians. OK, politicians might make good sausage, but that's about as good as it gets.


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Monday Manifest: if I ruled the world

Well, it’s officially election season, so I figure, what the heck, if I ruled the world, what would I do

  1. abolish daylight savings time. Its a stupid practice that serves no purpose.
  2. eliminate any law, entitlement, or program that is discriminatory. Gender, race, financial, whatever. Every one gets the same laws and privileges. black, white, or blue; male or female; rich or poor; garbage collector, cop, banker, politician. All the same.
  3. Make punishments fit the crime. you get busted for having drugs? You gotta use ’em all up. – think about it – instead of going to jail for 20 years ’cause you get busted with a J, you have to smoke it. But you get busted with a tractor trailer full of crack, you still have to smoke it. All.    You get busted for playing Enron with your employees pension plan, you spend the rest of your life homeless living on the street.  you rape someone? figure it out spanky….
  4. eliminate all the politicians. We don’t need ’em anyway. I’M in charge, remember?
  5. accept the fact that some people are smart and some are, well, stupid. Let people (this is especially true with schools) learn as much as they can, and when they have maxed out, let them go do something else.
  6. make people accept personal responsibility. If you decide to become a crack addict, get knocked up when you’re 12, or otherwise make Really Bad Life Decisions, it’s YOUR damn problem, not mine. Cope.
  7. 5 words: Education Is Not A Right. Accept it: Education is a privilege.
  8. anyone operating a super loud car stereo, un-mufflered motorcyle, or other extremely loud public nuisance will be considered Skeet (check wikki if you don’t know). If you want attention that bad, we’ll give it to you.
  9. eliminate stupid censorship laws. You want to look at porn? your business, not mine. You want to read a book I don’t like? Your privilege. You want to say something truly offensive? go ahead -but be prepared to deal with the locals when they decide to tar and feather you.
  10. stop trying to change other cultures to be like mine. If you’re ancestors have been killing eachotehr off for the last 3,000 years, why should I try to change your culture. If you don’t like it, you fix it. (yes, I am talking about Iraq, somolia, etc).

So there. thats what I said, and I’m sticking to it.


3 Responses

  1. I love the last one…

  2. How did number 7 get so obscure for people? Not only that, but the privilege is too easily bestowed, or SOMETHING, ’cause there are a lot of whiny kids out there who feel way too entitled and not nearly responsible enough.

  3. Yep. I feel a rant coming on…..

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