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No accountability for King Bush’s cronies – Libby “pardoned”

Well folks, the bushmeister has done it again. Yet again, a member of his staff flaunts the law, and gets away with it. this time, Libby was actually tried and convicted – Bush couldn’t prevent that, but when he actually had to face a penalty, in steps King Bush, and wipes away the only real penalty Libby was facing. Yeah, sure, he has to pony a fine, but if you compare the fine to what Libby makes, its nothing. A coupla years probation? Big deal – Libby will still be sucking it up for the Bush empire.

Apparently, Bush feels that actually sending someone to jail for lying under oath, obstructing justice, and helping in a presidential cover up doesn’t warrent any real punishment. Of course, considering Bush’s legal history, he may simply be trying to set a precedent to protect himself from jail time.

So, the question for bush is: Exactly what does constitute a crime that deserves jail time? So far, you’re administration has had the intelligence community doctor up fake data so that you could invade Iraq, violated the geneva convention, illegally detained civilians, spied on US citizens, ignored and violated constitutional law 6 ways from Sunday, ignored congressional subpoenas, and pretty much made it clear that you consider your entire administration to be above the law. Oh yeah, and when your daughter got busted for DUI, you got her off the hook too. A coupla times.

Well, I guess now that we know that the executive branch is immune to prosecution, we have to wonder: what comes next? Bush has completely removed any semblance of checks and balance in the US government – by ignoring the legislative branch’s oversight, and overriding the judicial branch’s enforcement, he has essentially crowned himself king – and who’s going to stop him? After all, He’s In Charge.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Dems do with this one…..


2 Responses

  1. This absolutely INFURIATES me. To the point of I can’t form coherent, intelligent words around it yet. GAH!

  2. Fortunately, I don’t think you are alone in this reaction. I can’t think of anything to DO about it…. Grr..

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