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More fun with Rhapsody and MP3 players

rhapsody.jpgWell, it has been a few weeks since I got my MP3 player, and I’ve been having a great time dealing with the whole rhapsody thing.
First of all, I have to admit that the only reason I bought this particular MP3 player is because it has an 8 meg flash drive, and has a microSD expansion slot. I’m pretty rough on my gear, so I didn’t want a hard drive, and this was the next best option. Anyway, the music management software it came with was rhapsody, hence, my continuing hatred of this product (rhapsody, not the mp3 player).

When last we blogged about Rhapsody, we had given up on using it, and had simply used windows media player to rip our large CD collection. With a little bit creative dinking around in windows, I made the MP3 player look like just another USB drive, and could drag and drop all my music onto the player at will. Great, so now I’ve got pushing 12 gig of music on my device, and I want to create some playlists. Sure, listening to an album straight through is nice, but I also like to do some sorting and track picking. As it turns out, this isn’t all that easy. From what I have managed to figure out, you are supposed to do this by using rhapsody, and for some reason, rhapsody insists that I don’t have the proper licenses to add my music to a playlist. This is especially ironic, because a lot of the stuff I’m trying to playlist is recordings of my band. For some reason, rhapsody seems to think that I have to have a license from them to copy my own garage band to a playlist.

OK, so just for fun, I’ll try logging in – the worst thing that can happen is that the scum at rhapsody are keeping track of what music I listen to. Who knows, maybe they’ll decide that they want us to come sign a recording contract with them…. So, I log on, and try to create my playlist again. Guess what? For some reason, Rhapsody seems to think I’m not logged in, so I still can’t create my playlist. Because I’m  a glutton for punishment, I call tech support again. You may remember that when I bought this device a couple of weeks ago, I had a great discussion with tech support. The end result of the discussion was that even though the device came with a free two months of tech support, the only way to get the free support was to pay for it. The “free” tech support was only for first line tech support – people who are capable of determining that you have actually managed to stuff the USB cable into the right hole, but not much more.

Anyway, after the mandatory hour on hold, I got a techie. This is great. Apparently, the music I am trying to make into a playlist requires licensing from rhapsody. After I patiently explained that rhapsody had no right to require me to license music that I wrote, performed, and recorded, the tech explained that he had done all that he could, and if I would simply subscribe to their service, he could escalate my issue to second level tech support. This is too crazy to make up. Apparently, rhapsody really believes that I’m going to pay them to let me play music that they have absolutely no legal right to. Of course, they aren’t actually charging me to listen to my music, they are trying to charge me to fix a problem that they have written into their software that prevents me from listening to free music. Even Microsoft doesn’t have the balls to try this.

Anyway, I eventually figured out how to make playlists using windows media player, so I can throw away the rhapsody crap again. Man, and I thought RIAA were assholes. Rhapsody sets a new low for the music industry.



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