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Monday Manifest: odd tool names

questionmark.jpgwell, its monday again, and today I’m pondering some odd tool names:

  1. Breast Drill Yep. As in something to drill holes in boobs. I dunno, maybe something a oplastic surgeon uses to make a place to squirt in the silicone. Nope. Actually, it is a type of hand drill (no motor) with a plate at the top. You lean your chest on the plate to hols the drill steady while you turn the crank to make the hole. Pretty cool, actually, and no boobs are damaged in the production of these holes.
  2. Pit Saw OK, you tell me: what kind of saw do you use to cut up a pit. I guess if you really want to get to the inside of those peach pits (we all need some cyanide, now and then, eh?), you might need a special saw. Or maybe you feel a real need to saw out your armpits…. Actually, a pit saw is a big honkin’ saw that was used to cut logs into boards by hand. One guy stood above the log, and the other poor sap stood in (you guessed it) a pit under the log. They took turns hauling on the saw, cutting the log into slabs.
  3. Float This should be somethign that bobs, hovers, or otherwise exhibits some sort of buoyancy, right? Guess again. A float is like a rasp (type of file), but the teeth are more like curved blades – imagine a file face, but instead of having a bunch of little pokey-out sharp bits, it has a series of curved blades. A specialty tool used kind of like a rasp, file, or plane.
  4. Brace and Bit A brace holds something up, right? and a bit? that’s just a little hunk of something, so a brace and bit should be something that holds up little pieces of stuff right? Nope again. A brace is a type of hand drill, and it holds a bit – the “drill bit” part. Kind of like grandpa’s crank drill, but older.
  5. Post Drill Used to drill holes in posts, right? nah, that would make too much sense. A post drill is a sort of hand-cranked drill press that you mount on a wall or pole. Get it? hang it on a pole, and it’s a pole drill. Those old guys had some great imagination (or something).
  6. Vice Grips This one is just too easy. I don’t know what your vice is, but “gripping” is not something I can imagine being pleasant for any of my vices. OK, so they’re really locking pliers, but who came up with that name?
  7. Back Saw here’s another saw, and no, it isn’t used to saw backs. Butchers use hack saws (or band saws). A back saw is a saw that has a rigid hunk of metal along the back of it. They are used for joinery instead of turning big wood into little wood.
  8. Lathe  This one is odd becuas eit simply makes no sense. Despite the odd names listed above, most of them actually have some obscure questionrelation to the tools they represnet. A lathe grabs a hunk of wood and spins it really fast so you can turn it into a bowl, spindle or some other more or less roundish object. Super-Dooper-Wood-Spinner? sure. Whirl-a-wood? OK. lathe? What the flippin heck kinda name is that?
  9. Bark Spud I’m not making this one up. These aren’t potatos that grow under tree bark. Its more like a giant chisel that is used to remove bark from logs. Imagine a canoe paddle made of steel. The short edge of the paddle is kinda sharp, and you shove it along the log carving off the bark. Sounds like fun, eh? Sure doesn’t sound like ‘Spud’ to me though.
  10. Gimlet No, this isn’t one of the dwarves from The Hobbit. Nor is it some obscure cut ofmeat. A gimlet is kind of like a drill, but not really. Imagine if you took a screw and used it to drill holes. That’s how a gimlet works. To make them “easier” to use, the screw part was usually mounted to some sort of handle. The idea is that you screw it into the wood, and when you take it out, it leaves a hole. Surprisingly, they work very well for making holes that will get screws put in them later. Of course, the gimlet has to be smaller than the screw, or the screw just falls out, but hey, we’re talking about their names not how to use them. Cope. No wait, you need a saw for that. Anyway, I’m done now. Go read something else.

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