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horrible parent, bratty kid, and restaurant…

Warning: This is a grumpy, bile-filled rant, with a few choice Bad Words. If you are easily offended, bugger off. Either that or cope. You’ve been warned. 

OK folks, I snipped this from a “rant” by a single mom about events that happened on her latest “night out” (No link to this &^%$!&*$ on purpose).

Well….evening is under way plan is successfully in place when BAM….Hollywoodie, LOUD, pumped up hair, fake nail, “oh my God Look at me!” people I don’t know  arrive and demand to see THE BABY! So they rip open the hood of her stroller, take my ALMOST ASLEEP baby out. I tell them, NO SHE IS SLEEPING, they are like “come on I wanna see her” and well at that point why bother protesting, she’s awake and for the next two hours, while they giggle laugh and coo over each other mostly and sometimes over my kiddo, I chase her around the restaurant, up and down the street, and all around all night long….till 10:30pm
Hyped on over adrenalin and the atmosphere, my kid kisses a window display showing off shoes, she waves to people eating Pink Berry, she “flies” with her arms spread up and down the street for hours.
While I LOVE SEEING MY KIDDO THIS WAY…..I didn’t touch my found, only sipped one tiny sip of wine and by the time kiddo was wiped out. Dinner and fun time with friends was over.
So I had all my cold food boxed up and went home. Leered at the Hollywoodies who demanded to see my child that they held for a microsecond before they went on to drink and talk about themselves while I chased my flying child up and down the street for hours.
GRRRRRR! Again, loved to see my kiddo happy, but would haved loved it more to see her asleep so I could eat and enjoy my one in a million night out

Guess what? This clueless bim hit one of my major pet peeves. I don’t give a red rat’s ass (deconstruct that phrase!) what lame excuse you have for your brat’s behavior. Any kid that is “chased around the restaurant” has no business being in a restaurant, except maybe a McDonalds – and even that is stretching it. A more appropriate venue would be a cage at the zoo.

I hope she actually tracks back my comment to see what I’m saying here because I was way too nice to her in my comment on her post. I don’t care what the social setting is. If your kid is to bratty to act in a way that doesn’t bother the people around you, you should take the little shit and get the hell out of wherever you are. Just because you think its cute to have some little terror playing al quiada while other folks are trying to eat doesn’t mean that the rest of the world should have to put up with your mini-terrorist. If you choose to raise your kid as a barbarian, that is your choice. However, inflicting that choice on the rest of the world isn’t.

Fortunately, many restaurants have realized that the majority of their customers aren’t interested in having some snot-nosed crumbcrusher screaming at them while they try to enjoy a quiet night out, and have taken to asking the brat’s caretaker to leave. In some cases, they even refuse to allow people with children into the restaurant at all. Moms like this one are the reason. Good job.

The good news is that apparently this kid has been allowed to “kiss window displays” and “flies.. up and down the street for hours”. One can hope that Dear Mr. Darwin will remove this little reprobate from the gene pool with either a disease that lives on display window glass, or with a more subtle device – like an 18 wheeler. This bimbo (the mom) should definitely not be allowed to reproduce, and from her description, her kid is a poster child for post-partum abortion.

Can you imagine? her night was ruined? What a shame. I wish I knew her address so I could go toss a sack of flaming dogshit on her doorstep for each of the other people whose night her demon-spawn ruined.

There. I feel better now.


5 Responses

  1. I totally agree with your assessment! I am a mother of two and my children would NEVER act that way in any public setting- hell, they don’t even act that way inside my home- that stuff stays outside! LOL

    Interesting post here!

  2. Actually, if you had read the entire blog or knew “the Bimbo” you would know that she is not the biological mother of her special needs child. I agree that children should be taught to behave in public but sometimes their special needs and life get in the way. This woman was “ranting” to people who fully understand her situation and that her daughter had an off night. To wish a child the things you wished to happen to her is disgusting and I understand your need for anonymity, I would be embarrassed, too.

  3. doesn’t matter if the kid is a ‘tard or not. that kind of behavior is innexcusable in ANY circumstances. Special needs or not, the kid has no business in a nice restaurant bothering everyone else.

  4. Oh, don’t even GO there with me – a kid has no business in ANY restaurant (or any store, or any living room) with that kind of behavior.

    My children are conditioned to know that if they stray ONE TINY LITTLE BIT over the line I have drawn in the sand of appropriate out-in-public behavior (which, incidentally, varies precious little from not-in-public behavior), they WILL, no questions asked, no negotiation, be spending the rest of the evening in the car. I will sacrifice my time out while the rest of our party enjoys their dinner to sit with the offender to make the point – I’ve done it before and I will do it again (though, once they figured out that I’m not kidding, I’ve not needed to do that again…yet)

  5. YAY Mrschili!
    way to go! I am with you 100% – take alook at my car tantrum post – the same thing works there……

    Now if only we could figure out how to get those OTHER idiots to understand that their cute little monster is really a royal PITA……

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