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Now THIS is a scary thing to hear a teacher say

While reading interviews with students at the University of Akron, I came across a few comments that shows how well prepared these students are for careers in sciences. Here are some of them:

“My high school biology teacher only went over it (evolution) for a couple of days – didn’t want to get into it”

calc.jpgOK, this girl is an accounting major, so she probably doesn’t really have any deep need to understand the finer details of evolutionary theory. BUT the fact that her HS bio teacher “didn’t want to get into it” is truly scary. to me, this indicates that either the teacher simply sucks and shouldn’t be teaching at all, or the teacher has been forced to not teach a critical part of a biology curriculum. The fact that there were at least 2 days scheduled to cover evolution suggest the first. Why is this so scary? Let’s take a look at another quote.

This time, we’re listening to a young man who “plans to be a biology teacher”:

“I hold with intelligent design”

bozo.gifThis kid wants to teach biology, but can’t even tell the difference between Sunday school fantasy and real science. I have to wonder if this wanna be teacher believes that a spider bite can turn him into spider man, or maybe that wonder woman really does have an invisible plane and a magic lasso (and how does she stay in that outfit when she’s fighting?). But seriously, the first quote is a direct lead in to this poor slob. Somehow, this kid made it through high school and never learned to tell the difference between science and fantasy. And now he wants to teach science. Do you see a problem here?

The truly sad part is that this kid will probably go on to actually become a biology teacher, and will also refuse to teach things like evolution to another generation of kids. The lack of understanding of evolution is scary enough, but the fact that this guy is incapable of even thinking enough to realize that he’s a fool is what is truly scary. Honest to goodness – this type of crap gives me nightmares about things like McCarthyism and the Holocaust. If people are willing to believe things like intelligent design, they are foolish enough to believe things like “the commies are out to pollute our precious bodily fluids” or “the Jews are sacrificing babies”.

Be afraid. Be. Very. Afraid.


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