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    For fun, I like to bash people with swords (OK, so they’re made of foam. It’s still fun). Although I spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair, I manage to keep pretty active (Like bashing people with swords). I am a libertarian, and have a hard time finding anything good to say about government or politicians. OK, politicians might make good sausage, but that's about as good as it gets.


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Youtube debate just more posturing

So youtube is sponsoring a CNN debate. Personlly, I think this is a geeat concept, but that the delivery has completely failed. The idea of having anyone that wants to submit a question for the candidates to respond to is great – I love the idea of our candidates actually facing the public and responding to their questions. The problem is that CNN is not allowing the public to decide what questions will be asked. Instead, CNN is going to review, screen, edit, and select the submissions, and decide what they want the candidates to address.

So why is this bad? Well, it isn’t bad, it just isn’t anything new. CNN can count on having the standard questions show up on youtube – if they don’t, either the candidates organizations or CNN themselves will post them. This means that the idea of the public actually being able to decide what questions are asked – or having any real input at all is simply a sham. Sure, folks that submitted questions may actually show up on CNN asking a question, but only if its the question that CNN wanted to ask. What about the idea that youtube is a forum that is supposed to let the people decide what the candidates get asked? Just a bit more hype and propaganda.

I gotta hand it to youtube and CNN though – they have formed a partnership that really makes people feel like they are actually having some input, and maybe ven making a difference. By presenting CNN’s questions through an “ordinary citizen” instead of a talking head, they suddenly can present the debate as a grassroots effort that truly reflects what the public really wants addressed. Great front end, but behind the scenes, the same old folks are asking hte same old questions, and it just plain old doesn’t matter what questions you vote gor on youtube. The whole set-up is simply morepropaganda to try and make it look like the people are actually asking the questions instead of the same old network hacks.


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