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things I’ve recently learned about christianity and radical christians

OK, so it should be pretty clear that these don’t apply to everybody, but there are some things I’ve encountered in the past few weeks that are just too mind-boggling to let go by without some sort of comment…

  1. Apparently there are people out there that really do believe that creationism (or intelligent design) is not only real, but can actually be supported by scientific evidence. Really. And these people also believe that just because their particular interpretation of the their bible says “god said XYZ”, XYZ is not only fact, it is SCIENTIFIC fact.
  2. These same people believe that anything that happens is the direct result of god’s will. That means that if you present physical evidence of something that might suggest that their idea is wrong, it is simply something that their god created or did to “test your faith”.
  3. Three are also people that believe that running into a church will provide sanctuary from the cops. Really. The cops try to avoid bad press by busting people in churches, but you gotta read this to believe it: http://www.slate.com/id/2172469/fr/rss/
  4. Many christian extremists think that they are being discriminated against because the universities that they send their kids to refuse to teach their religion as fact. This is especially true in classes that teach evolution instead of creation. (but see #1: these people obviously cannot tell the difference between fact and faith.)
  5. Many of these same extremists think that their kids should be excused from classes or assignments that require discussion of current social and/or ethical issues like gay rights, same sex couples adoption, abortion, and other “anti-christian” issues. Of course, they don’t feel strongly enough about their beliefs to send their kids to one of those bozo christian colleges because they want a degree that actually means something…..
  6. Some evangelicals seem to actually believe that a college professor refusing to excuse a student from an assignment exploring the impact of discrimination against gays is comparable to, and justifies, the killing of homosexuals.
  7. Many christian extremists refuse to acknowledge that the pope has a long history of attempting to quell (or kill, maim, or otherwise silence) scientists that present facts that disagree with the popes views. Really. Folks like Galileo really WANTED to live in a prison cell and be tortured until they recanted their discoveries. The pope was just doing what was best for them. (kinda like the inquisition was good for the Jews.)
  8. Here’s a truly scary one: these people really believe that it is their job to instill their particular beliefs into everyone else by any means possible. You thought islamic extremists were scary? These guys (and gals) are right here in the good old US of A, and many of them are voicing opinions and methods that make Al quiada look tame.
  9. Now for the good news: the whacko radical christian extremists, while very vocal, and very good at grabbing press, are a pretty small minority. And if they ever do act up, their vociferous, press-hungry tactics will make them easy to round up…..

So there ya go. as an information point, all of the above were gleaned from a long series of discussions I’ve been having in a variety of blogospheres. I wish I was making this stuff up, but I ain’t….


2 Responses

  1. Oh, this is not news to me. I’ve known that the Christians have their fair share of nutjobs, too; no one religion has a corner on THAT market, which is part of why I tend to avoid organized religion in the first place….

  2. Speaking of intelligent design…i thought you might enjoy this.

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