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    For fun, I like to bash people with swords (OK, so they’re made of foam. It’s still fun). Although I spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair, I manage to keep pretty active (Like bashing people with swords). I am a libertarian, and have a hard time finding anything good to say about government or politicians. OK, politicians might make good sausage, but that's about as good as it gets.


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Iranian Nukes – or are they WMDs?

So the Bush is at it again. Turns out that the last 4 years of rhetoric about Iran’s “nuclear weapons program” (that’s Nukular, if your name is bush…) is just that: rhetoric. as in hot air, double speak, political blathering, or 9dare we say it) outright lies. Despite the fact that pretty much the entire world is ‘fessing up to the fact that they bought George’s Big Lie Re: WMD and starting the iraq war, old georgie seems to think that he can fool the world again. Except this time, the intelligence wonks over at spook central, USA have realized that supporting the Bush WMD lie has cost a lot of folks their careers, and that old georgie’s days are numbered anyway. That means that chances are pretty good if you’re a spook working for the USA, and you don’t toe the Bush policy line this time around, chances are good you won’t get punted. You may even get a promotion. (Goes to show what type of folks work for the spooks, eh?).

 ‘Course, old Georgie ain’t buyin’ it. “Iran was, is, and always will be a danger”. They stopped their nuclear (NUKULAR) research program 4 years ago, but they COULD restart it, so all you voters keep being scared! Remember, The Decider KNOWS what is really going on – even if his spook puppets are finally showing some spine and refusing to cook their data to support him…

I’ve really started to wonder if this bozo is so delusional that he actually believes the crap he spouts, or if he’s simply got his head rammed so far up his posterior that he hasn’t realized yet that the entire friggin world knows he’s lying through his teeth….

Will someone PLEASE give this clown a BJ so we can get rid of him?


2 Responses

  1. HEY! Welcome back to blogland! I’ve missed you.

    Sadly, it would take more than a blowjob to get rid of this idiot. Even MORE sadly, his replacement is someone I fear more than the idiot himself. I’m just hoping he doesn’t do anything TOO dire and drastic before his term’s up…

  2. sorry about the long lag. I’m TRYING to keep the blogs going, but I suspect there will be more “occasional” than regular posts…. You know, that whole time thing…..

    Thanks for the support!

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