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More on the Pirate Game

Yes, game is the right word.

as long as the UN treats the pirates as if they were not criminals, it IS just a game. Over the weekend, the UN actually captured a pirate crew. It wasn’t that hard – the crew had attempted to take over a ship, and had been chased off. The UN was tracking the pirates by helicopter, and the pirates gave up. The UN “captured them”, then questioned them and released them. Remember: these are pirates that were caught in the middle of attempting to kidnap a crew and steal the cargo of a large vessel. The UN let them go.

Now I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like very much of a deterrent. Can you imagine what would happen if we treated bank robbers the same way (I mean the ones that use guns to rob banks – not the white collar executive crooks)? I suspect that the number of bank robberies would skyrocket.

Right now, there isn’t any reason for the pirates to NOT be pirates. Imagine what would have happened if the UN had simply taken the captured pirates, lined them up on the beach, and put a bullet into each ones head. Or simply strafed the pirate’s boat from the helicopter. This would send a very strong message to the pirates, and would also uphold the tradtional legal response to piracy: kill the pirates. Of course, this also creates a strong reason for people to not be pirates.

So here’s my message to the UN: these guys are terrorists. They are pirates. They are criminals. Stop treating them as if they were misbehaving children. There is absolutely no reason to allow them to continue in their actions, and no reason to not treat them as the terrorists that they are. An attack on the soil and/or property of a sovereign nation is an act of war. The normal (and expected) response to an act of war is to defend against the attackers with all means available. Blow them out of the water. Then, when their warlords come crying about the loss of their soldiers, treat THEM as the leaders of a terrorist organization, and kill them too. Take the profit margins out of piracy, and the piracy will go away.


2 Responses

  1. Yep.

    I’m still trying to figure out why the powers that be don’t just rewrite the laws to allow for a marshal on the ships, just like we can put on airplanes now. ONE guy whose sole job it is to keep his weapon clean and loaded. Hell, I bet all those Blackwater yahoos could really use a job right now.

  2. It wouldn’t even require a change of law. All it would require is for the shipping companies to accept the expense and risk. The problem is that the shipping companies don’t want to get into a war with the pirates – and rightly so. That is the job of their governments.

    Of course, the concept of self defense is also an important one – it has only been recently (less than 100 years) that merchant vessels stopped carrying (and using) significant arms.

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