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On outing gay politicians

Whoa Nellie! two posts in one day!

This one is brought on by comments from a friend at dinner last night, and is just too ironic to let slide.

turns out a bunch of gay rights activists in the D.C. area have taken to ‘outing’ their politician ‘clients’ if they vote against or oppose gay rights legislation. This is just too funny on too many fronts.

First of all, a couple of points: I really don’t give a flying whatever what happens between two (or more) consenting adults in the privacy of their own whatever. I really don’t care. I don’t want ot hear about it, I’m not interested in pictures about it, stories about it, or anything else. I know what gets me off (and its none of your business), and that’s all I need.

Second: In general, I’m not particularly fond of the concept of ‘outing’ people. See above. It’s THEIR business, and no one elses’. If they choose to flaunt it, that’s their choice too (and they can expect the same sarcastic, snarky, get outta my face attitude that everyone else who flaunts such things get from me).

Third (and this should be really obviouse) I have very little respect for politicians, and love to see them hoisted by their own petard.

OK, so the fun bit: these guys are POLITICIANS. they make their living by lying, cheating, and generally screwing everyone (and everything) they can to get what they want. Why would anyone be surprised to find out that some senator was getting the occasional pretty-boy blow job on the side now and then. Or maybe some Lady Representative is getting it on with some cute little Monica-Lewinsky style intern (Yeah, I know Monica was a fat cow, but what the hell, you get the idea – its still a cigar). If you really are surprised, its time to put away your crayons and blocks, and come pretend to be an adult.

Now, the poiliticains themselves. Of course they’re OUTRAGED that their pet fetishes are getting aired in public. Of course, this is also insane. ANYTHING a politician does is fodder for the news. They know it, we know, and everyone will freely admit that a politician has no such thing as  private life. They regularly slander each other with insane bits of trivia (remember: Obama is really a muslim terrorist) to win elections. All that’s happening now is that their toys are doing the same thing – not win elections, but to advance their political cause. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Or at least make sure you take pictures so you can expose them later.

So there ya go. Some sleazeball politician is taking up the ass on the side, but for political reasons votes against a gay rights bill, and his lover goes public. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Exposing the politicians hypocrisy is great, and makes me want to laugh. The fact that D.C. political sleaze is oozing out into the hooker population is incredibly depressing. Normal people are starting to behave like politicians, and that makes me want to cry (or build a large thermonuclear device. Not sure which.).

so there ya go. Irony. Justice. and of course, some good public sex to fire things up.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, you know what, though? While I really do appreciate the irony (and on the one hand, have no problem with the concept of outing hypocrites), I’m still not sure that I’m comfortable with this. It’s sinking to their level, and while I’m passionate about gay rights and equality, I’m not sure that I’m quite ready to sink to fighting dirty to get it. I’m still a little too devoted to Dr. King’s example to do unto others as they do unto me…

    I’m totally pimping your blog tomorrow…

  2. I think we’re making more or less the same point. It’s great that the politicos are getting a dose of their own medicine, but it is truly depressing that normal people are using the sleaze methods that politicians have adopted.

    Doesn’t bode well for civilization.

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