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Sex and Politics: South Carolina Governer Sanford

Well folks, the newshounds are at it again. Yet another politician has been caught getting a little action on the side. The media machine has jumped into high gear, moral indignation is rising, and the rabid masses (especially the more-rabid-than-usual jesus freaks) are in an uproar.

Keep in mind that this guy isn’t taking bribes, fixing elections, or anything that would remotely suggest that he shouldn’t be governor, he’s just getting laid. Just like Clinton, this buffoon has made the mistake of doing exactly what huge numbers of other people (both male and female) do on a regular basis. Of course, that isn’t newsworthy because they are just ordinary people, not some sort of deified uber-person that has suddenly gained Super Hero Grade Ethics and Morals. Really folks, who thinks for a second that a politician is anything EXCEPT a lying scumbag? It simply isn’t possible. If someone is a politician, they are by definition unethical, lying, cheating, scum. Some may be better at hiding (Obama comes to mind), but in the end, the only way to be a successful politician is to leave all ethics, morals, and principles behind, and do whatever it takes to get elected and stay elected.

So does anyone act surprised when a politician gets caught with his or her dick out? or maybe in… (By the way, what is the equivalent phrase for chicks?)

I think that there are a few reasons. For the moral minority and other such religious hacks, it probably boils down to guild and envy. Guilt because they all have either done the same, or want to do the same, and envy because they either haven’t, or feel so guilty about it that they can’t enjoy it. Or maybe its just because they feel guilty about enjoying sex because its sinful. Or maybe they’re so uptight about jesus or whoever watching them all the time that they really don’t enjoy sex. Whatever, they’re freaks, and other than being rather annoying, don’t really count for anything anyway.

OK, that leaves the rest of the world. Why are they all worked up? Well, sex is fun. We all like to talk about it, dream about it, do it, etc. Of course, sex is also a taboo subject in most of our society, so we don’t get much chance to be open about sex. This provides a perfect opportunity to let everyone talk about sex. And without being considered a pervert.

Lets get real folks, this is an issue for Sanford and his family – not for the news media, the public or the press. What happens between two consenting adults isn’t news, it is sensationalism.

If you want something about sex that IS newsworthy, get worked up about this guy: Rapist cop .  Here’s a rare case where a cop is held accountable for his actions. Lets hope his cell mate provides him with the same opportunities this cop gave his victims. And lets hope that when he gets out, he’s met by a lynch mob. This guy deserves to be emasculated slowly with a rusty cheese grater.


2 Responses

  1. “emasculated slowly with a rusty cheese grater.”

    Oh, DEAR!

    I’m consistently amazed by the attention that gets paid to cheating politicians.

  2. the cheese grater was for the rapist cop, not the politician. Unless his wife is wielding it…..

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