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ACORN, prostitutes, and political corruption

I’ve got to hand it tot he folks over at ACORN: I’ve never heard anyone more capable of sounding like absolute idiots than the folks they’ve got representing them on the radio. I just listened to an hour long interview on NPR (notably left-wing in their reporting), attempting to address the recent ‘issues’ that have come to light regarding the way ACORN teaches their :clients” to commit fraud. Being NPR, I expected to hear a long list of excuses and justifications as to why ACORN shouldn’t be held accountable for their illegal actions, and I wasn’t disappointed. The interviewer presented one leading question after another that made it almost impossible for the ACORN rep to come off as anything but an innocent victim. ALMOST.

The ACORN rep had only one response to any one of the leading questions: The republicans are EVIL. An abbreviated example:

NPR interviewer: “I understand that ACORN has fired the individuals who were video taped explaining how that guy could get a subsidized loan to set up a  whorehouse selling 14 year old girls. Is that true?

ACORN REP: “it’s all the republicans fault. They’re evil. If you look at a couple of the republicans that have held office in the past 40 years, there are some cases of corruption and even prostitution!.”

OK, now I don’t know about you, but the NPR lead-in on this question should have been answered along the lines of “well, there are always a few bad apples, and yes,we did punt those idiots, but the stuff they did doesn’t represent ACORN’s standard procedures – especially if we know that we’re being taped.”

another example:

NPR: “What can you tell me about the ACORN 8 – the former ACORN board members who resigned because of corruption and unethical behavior (implying that the former board members resigned because they were caught dong unethical things, when they actually resigned because they couldn’t condone the actions of ACORN).

ACORN: “they’re don’t represent ACORN. They’re being paid by the republicans. Did you know that in the past 40 years, some of the Republicans have been convicted of ethics crimes? even prostitution!”

An hour of this. Seriously folks, we all know that ACORN finally got caught at what it has been doing for decades: using fraud and other illegal methods to build an empire of corruption that no news journalist could take on without being labeled as a racist and anti-PC nazi. The fact that they were taken out by a couple of kids with a video cam, and not a network looking for some hot ratings is a good clue to all you other crooked PC bozos out there. If you can make up a front organization that pretends to serve the poor and the minorities, you can hide your corruption for decades – until some punk and a chick with nothing to lose decide to blow your scam.

On the other hand, listening to this interview made it completely clear that ACORN really does have no way to explain their actions. The feds finally did something right by yanking their funding – now lets see if they can finish the job: lets see if the Attorney General can start a nice RICO case against the folks that are really responsible.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for organizations that serve the poor and the needy. Of course, I only support the organizations that actually support them. Organizations that teach them to use fraud, lies and loopholes to get a free lunch should be shut down, and the people that run them should be tossed into prison. It will be interesting to see how many of the victims (yes: victims – the ones stupid enough to use the ACORN methods may well be looking at detailed revues of the documents they submitted to get their subsidized mortgages. If there are false statements on them, the people that signed them could well be facing fraud and corruption charges, as well as losing their homes and the possibility of ever qualifying for government housing assistance again). A pleasant thought: The victims of ACORN may well end up in the same prisons as the folks that set the whole thing up. There may be some justice there….


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