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“service coach” – WTF is up with that?

For the third or fourth day in a row, I’ve heard references to school “service coaches”. Apparently, these people are supposed to help the kid’s figure out how to best volunteer to “help out the community”. ‘Scuse me?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for community service and volunteering. What I find a bit odd is that some bozo has decided that our schools are not only the place to teach the kids that volunteering is good, but also to teach them where to volunteer, and what to volunteer for. Remember, these are the same schools that rank as among the worst in the industrialized world. They can’t teach kids to read, write, or perform basic math, but they’re going to spend resources and time teaching them how and where to volunteer? Then there is the whole issue of government sponsored indoctrination brainwashing education. If it weren’t for the fact that the schools are so hopelessly incompetent, I’d be worried about what the agenda of these “service coaches” was. Call me paranoid, but this type of government sponsored subordination smacks of brown shirts and Orwellian “right-thinking”. Parents, it’s time to get off your butts and start being parents. This is YOUR job, not the schools. Get your righteous indignation up, write the school boards a letter and raise some hell. Take some responsibility for raising your kids, and insist that the schools concentrate on teaching the academic skills they’ll need to survive in the modern world. Or not. There will always be a need for mindless sheep. They make good cannon fodder, and are easy to manage and manipulate. They’re your kids. You decide their future.


7 Responses

  1. So what do we do about the parents who choose NOT to raise their kids? What do we do about the kids they’re NOT teaching citizenship and responsibility (or honesty or ethics or accountability)? This shit scares me to death…

  2. cannon fodder? Let darwin do his thing….

  3. Unfortunately, many of them don’t end up being cannon fodder, as you suggest, but instead decide to procreate like mad (I’m sorry, “16 kids and counting”??? School pacts made by 14-year-olds to get pregnant??). Many of us who see the problems of overpopulation decide to abstain, while those you describe above give birth to the next generation.

    I think we’d best try to give them a well-rounded education while we can, give them something to focus on other than themselves. These people will control things when we’re in our old age. I agree we need to do MUCH better at the basics, but we also need to give kids some education on what it means to be kind, to be caring about someone other than oneself, and to try to leave the world a better place.

  4. well, if the intelligent, thinking people are willing to allow their genes to be diluted away to nothing by morons that out-produce them, then the intelligent people have simply opted to allow Darwin to ensure that humanity devolves into a group of low-IQ, highly reproductive apes.

    Personally, I think we’re well on our way there already, and the school systems are making sure that the intelligent minority are convinced that they really aren’t intelligent, and that conformity is more important than actually being an individual and doing what is right (according
    to your personal ethos).

    Deciding not to breed is a valid personal choice, but does not have anything to do with the failure of our schools, and the increasing presence of government propaganda in the schools. If you really think that the morons that make up the majority of the population are the people that you want to “be in charge” when you’re old, I suggest you go visit one ofthe local social-security funded nursing homes – there is one in your future, and you should be prepared for it. It is NOT anyone elses’ responsibility to make sure you have a lazy comfortable senior life. Part of deciding not to breed is accepting that the support network that kids (may) provide in your senior years is not there. Expecting me and my kids to take care of you is setting you up for a sad, depressing, and very poor senior experience.

    • Well, the only way we could out-produce them would be to have 20 kids, and I’m sorry, but I think I have more of a contribution to make to society than simply being a breeding machine my entire life.

      I agree the schools aren’t doing the job, but I disagree with a concept that says the government shouldn’t provide that service. There may be better ways for the government to fund and manage it, and perhaps these charter schools are a valid option. But making the entire system private would mean we’re cutting out some of the lower-paid people, who are those who are continuing to procreate and will run this place in a decade or two. I’d prefer they have some minimal education than none at all.

      I also agree with you that parent aren’t doing their jobs, however, I’m not sure how we can get there from here. They seem to be willing to abdicate all responsibility for their children, then wonder why they end up doing drugs or getting into gangs. It’s not easy to be a single parent and still manage to spend real time with your kids, to let them know they’re important, and set boundaries. But my mom managed to do it, while working AND going to school.

      Our society promotes thinking about our “rights” but it’s time we understood that along with those rights comes responsibility and accountability. I think we’re basically saying the same thing, maybe I just have less hope than you that it will get any better.


  5. Mrs. Chili – if we simply removed all of the “let the government be the parent” programs, the no-parent kids WOULD end up as cannon fodder. Street urchins have a long and well established history, and tend to be self-correcting. The ones that have the innate ability to survive tend to rise to the top, the rest sink to the bottom and either die off or end up in the crap jobs at the bottom of the pay scale, doing the thing that no one else is willing to.

    If people are not willing to parent their kids, put their kids with organizations that ARE willing to act as parents. Orphanages, churches groups, the military – there are examples all over the world that take unwanted kids and turn them into (more or less) useful beings.

    Oops. Am I being politically incorrect?

  6. Laura, I think we’re pretty much on the same band wagon – I think I’m probably a bit more cynical than you though…

    One place where I think we don’t agree is on the whole breeder issue. As an evolutionary biologist, I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of the intelligent to reproduce. There is a whole discussion around social vs. biological evolution here, but that’s a different thread. Yes, there are definitely too many people in the world – I’d not be too upset to see the world population drop by about 80%. However, deciding not to breed (assuming that the rational is that there are too many people) simply increases the chances that more stupid people will survive and breed. thereby displacing more of the smart people.

    Of course, the long term end result WILL be a drastic decrease in world population as humanity gets too stupid to maintain the technology that allows for the high population density, so I guess in the very long term, not breeding may be a valid solution….

    I prefer to allow natural selection occur – remove all the government support networks that allow the stupid people to survive and breed, and let them die off. Accept that education is not a right, but a privilege. If you don’t have the resources to provide an education for your kid, and decide to have on anyway, accept the fact that your kid has no real future. Poverty, plague, and lack of resources will trim the unfit population to rational levels, while the people that are capable of thriving will survive, and will have the resources to ensure that their offspring also survive and thrive.
    Both biological and social evolution work – if you just let them…

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